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🎆 A new life starts…. 🎆


You are here on the profile of a lady who is self-confident, dominant in nature, arrogant and sadistic.


Everything you see of me here shows my life and my attitude to submissive creeps like you are.


I have a strong money fetish. I just love to finance my luxury at your expense and thus also take away your financial freedom.


Any education of me will always result in you becoming my willing little pig.


There is nothing better to combine FinDom and FemDom with each other and make you submissive.


But before you click right now to your messages and write me a "Hello Mistress", you should learn the following rules:


Before you write to me, take a look at MY preferences and MY taboos. Because this is

    what matters. Then you will see if these cover up with your fetishes.


If it is not so, good luck with the next lady.


If so, you can move on to the next point.


Uneventful, unimaginative messages like "Hello Mistress, you are beautiful" land in the

   Waste paper bin. Why? I know that myself, you better take care of mine

   Getting attention.


I'm definitely not doing small talk with you. So also save me the question of how I am doing.


If you are still reading, I congratulate you. Then you can go to the news and yourself

    humbly apply to me on your knees.



You should be aware, however, that I also demand a lot from my permanent slaves. If you are only submissive when your little tiny cock twitches, don't waste MY time. Because then you don't interest me.


Not quite ready for my stable yet? No problem then the following things apply to you:


🔥 Buying clips and looking to become (more) dependent

🔥 Send tribute

🔥 Work through the wish list

🔥 start over


On the subject of real meetings:

Yes, generally possible, but you have to prove yourself worthy of me beforehand.

I'm not a studio domina, so don't ask what my honor is.

Of course, I also live out my preferences in meetings, but there is no fixed process because I

    act according to your mood.


However, the last point always applies. No education, whether online or in real life, has a fixed process for me!