Contessa Claudia

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💎👑 Arrogant - Self-Confident - Demanding - Dominant of Nature 💎👑

For me, my fetishes are not a game, but I live out my inclinations 24 hours a day. I am not a dominatrix and therefore not a service provider!

I enjoy catching you in my web and using you as a living wallet.

Under no circumstances will you experience fake dominance with me. So you should know my preferences when you apply. If you just want your wish list fulfilled, you are wrong with me.

I know exactly how to wrap you miserable men around the finger and bring you step by step into an addiction. I would call myself a traditional femme fatale.

For me, men are just puppets that I manipulate with my stimuli in order to then skillfully use and exploit them.

I've always got what I want since I was a child. So be prepared for it.

I'm interested in long-term slaves and servants as well as wandering whores. Should you choose to become my entire property, your life will change completely.

You will only live by my rules and finance my well-deserved luxury.

And now you will start to do your tasks:

🔥 Buying clips and looking to become (more) dependent

🔥 Send tribute

🔥 Work through the wish list

🔥 start over