Contessa Claudia


Welcome at my Website!



Enter your world where I have the say and where I will be your greatest weakness!


I am a lady who is used to command, especially horny, self-confident, extremely arrogant and sadistic.

You have to earn my attention. How? You should know that.

You can filter out all my preferences besides the money fetish in my numerous authentic clips.

You can tell me your most extraordinary fetishes, whether I go into it depends on my mood. Because MY wishes come first!


You are in my realm and have to dance according to my rules. As my slave you have the task to keep me happy.

Obedience, devotion and absolute sacrifice are your obligations to me.

Your new life begins with rule number 1: the free registration!


I am different than expected, rarely as expected and never as others would like it to be. I am a fin and femdom with passion that creates your suffering.