Contessa Claudia

The way you serve me

Messenger education:

During this upbringing, I will educate you via various messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal) according to my wishes.

You have two options to choose from:

2 weeks

4 weeks

Both packages include my number, daily contact, daily tasks, voice messages and photos.

However, the packages do NOT include 24/7 entertainment!

 Telephone education:

  With my telephone training, which is done exclusively via my hotline, you will also be
  brought up according to my wishes.

  On the right side of my homepage you can see when I can be reached on this.

Live meeting:

Of course you have the opportunity to meet me in real German-speaking countries.

A well-groomed appearance and good manners shouldn't be strange to you.

It should be a matter of course for you to treat me as a lady.

For more information write me a message in Messenger


  If you have no balls to meet me in real life, there is of course also t
  he possibility to experience a cam session with me.

  I broadcast with face and sound and of course also in Full HD. Cam2Cam is

  The following also applies here: I do NOT be naked!

You can find various reports of slaves that have already served me and have fallen into love under slave reports!