Contessa Claudia
Be my paypig!
Be my paypig!

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There you are finally, my little submissive pig. You'll be pushing your coal off with me every time. Your hard earned money is mine, so that's clear. I decide on your coal and you have to ask me for permission if you want to buy something from your money. But you little jerkie do not need anything. You only need me and you will be obedient to your goddess. Every month you will voluntarily and uninvitedly photocopy your mistress your pay slip and also voluntarily and unsolicited immediately after receipt of money to transfer half of your hard earned money. Did you understand that?! You will take over and pay all the bills of your goddess. Every time you cum unauthorized or just when you jerk off and play around without asking your mistress's permission, you'll pay for it. Make your goddess happy, you little pay pig. Why are you little Paypig because otherwise? Go now !!! Give your mistress a nice life, you miserable loser! Findom, Geldherrin, Money fetish, Fetish, Outdoor, Loser, Paypig, Paypig, Moneydomme