Contessa Claudia
Happy wanking
Happy wanking

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Today the little slave worm can jerk off nicely. And thereby satisfy my sadistic streak. I'll show you that it can make the slave worm suffer with simple means without toys and great effort. Gone with the excuses. You will follow my nasty sadistic weighting instructions. I want you to be ready to do everything for your mistress and not to defend yourself against painful things, because as long as I enjoy it, it is very much the right way. You need a few tools which I will tell you at the very beginning of the film. Skillfully I make you horny and guide you through this unforgettable and very weighting instruction. I will always tell you exactly which tool you have to use and how. In order to have a wonderful experience you will follow everything exactly. And one thing is clear, if little slaves are allowed to let out their lust then only to make me happy. Oh yes, in the end you can inject, and you won't forget it anytime soon. Enjoy it to the full for me.
Tags: JOI, CBT, Jerking