Contessa Claudia
Rubber-Boots-Pig! Wanking like i will! Part 1
Rubber-Boots-Pig! Wanking like i will! Part 1

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Women in rubber boots just make your heart beat faster, and not just your heart. Just thinking about it an your fucking tiny dick tries to get bigger! Then you can be happy now. Because there is a 3-part weighting instructions from me in rubber boots. In the first part, you see me in leather with my white rubber boots. A dream. And yes, I even allow you to jerk off your little dick while I tease you nicely with your boots. Of course, you only jerk off according to my wishes. Not only will you adore my rubber boots, you will also lick them clean! What do you want? Cumshot? Let's see if I'm in the mood for it.