Contessa Claudia
Skillfully wrapped around the finger
Skillfully wrapped around the finger

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What a beautiful sight of the Contessa. A true goddess. You enjoy the beauty of your mistress in the charming dress and these elegant high heels. You lay your money at her feet, because you little worm know exactly that you will never get this beauty. It is the greatest thing you can imagine. Everything you would do to get hold of this great lady. Enjoy the curves of your Mistress and follow her instructions without hesitation, because your highest priority is to make this true goddess happy. Everything that the elegant lady wants from you, you will humbly lay at her feet ... everything !!! You buy your mistress only the best clothes, the most beautiful shoes, take over all the bills of the Contessa and your hard earned money belongs anyway the rich lady. Your urge is getting stronger, you want it, but you will never get it. Kneel in front of your mistress and fulfill her every wish, which of course you always read from her eyes. You're trapped in their claws before you realize it and you're already deep in the blackmail trap. It is almost impossible to escape your goddess in this situation.